Pilates Certification & Workshops

Why Helen's Pilates Teaching Program?

Helen's Pilates is committed to provide its students with the most innovative teaching program designed as a key to success for the new Pilates instructor. It combines focus on traditional Pilates concepts of precision and core control, with intensity and flow as a major factors in modern teaching practice. Pilates is not stagnant. It is evolving at an amazing pace, quickly turning into one of the most popular, safe and effective exercise methods around the world. Helen's Pilates takes a very active part in this process, developing new programs that reflect the newest trends in the world of Pilates. Our team participates in all major events of Pilates community. The students will acquire the knowledge, skills, experience and innovative ideas, along with profound understanding of Pilates theory. Helen's Pilates Teaching Program will be the foundation of their future successful career in the challenging world of modern Pilates.



Helen has been teaching fitness starting from her high school and university years. As a dancer and an athlete with a lot of energy and enthusiasm she was participating in all major fitness events of former Soviet Union countries. She completed her Master Degree in English Language and Literature in 1995 in Ukraine. At the same time Helen acquired an associate degree in nursing which turned out to be a valuable asset for her future. Along with her teaching career at the university she was teaching shaping, aerobics , step-aerobics classes and Pilates as soon as she discovered it in 1996. From her first days as an immigrant in USA in 2005 she was employed as a group instructor to teach classes in Bally Total Fitness where she was immediately recognized as a talented Pilates instructor. Helen opened her first Pilates studio in 2008 in Brooklyn, NY. Helen's Pilates second location was opened in 2010 where she created a new type of Zumbalates classes - wonderful combination of Dance and Pilates. Her deep understanding of human body and incredible working ability has brought her a lot of successful stories among her clients.


Boris started his sports career at the age of 12 as a weight lifter which inevitably led him into a lot of injuries. Later being a student of LIU with major in Nursing he discovered Pilates and realized what miracle changes it can make to his body. Now his unique and versatile sports experience along with B.S. in Nursing gives him an excellent opportunity to combine his Pilates teaching techniques with profound knowledge of human anatomy and physiology.

Carinne Rae Bach

Carinne Rae Bach began her dance training in New York at the age of five. After completing a BA in Psychology/Dance from the State University of New York, Fredonia, she moved to Jamaica where she studied and performed at the Edna Manley School of Visual and Performing Arts. Ms. Bach's enthusiasm for dance and travel, brought her to Ireland were she continued choreographing, performing and teaching. There she held the position of Artistic Director of the dance department for eight years with Backstage Academy of the Performing Arts. Carinne was a featured dancer in internationally renowned shows. Bach's choreographic work, "Jumping Off Point", was selected to be restaged for Cypress College's "Gallery Of Dance". Carinne completed her MFA in Dance from University of California, Irvine in 2007, and is a BASI certified Pilates instructor with a dance specialization. Ms.Bach had been working as an Artistic Director of the CSUCI Dance Ensemble and teaching Anatomy and Movement Principles at California State University faculty for three years before she joined Helen's Pilates Team in 2010. Carinne has a real talent to make her clients move with extraordinary precision and accuracy creating a workout that is both incredibly safe and efficient.