Helen's Intensive Pilates

Helen first discovered pilates in 1996, and having been a lifelong fitness enthusiast, athlete and fitness group instructor, she found pilates to perfectly complement her lifestyle. After spending many years training in pilates, Helen opened up her own pilates studio where she could help others achieve their desired lifestyle and fitness goals.

The original pilates studio opened its doors in January 2008. The studio is a mid-sized welcoming place, located in a quiet neighborhood in Brooklyn. It offers pilates classes on apparatus using such equipment as the Reformer, Tower, Caddillac, Pilates Off the Wall, Chair and Cardio Pilates.

Our second studio which opened in September of 2010 offers the traditional pilates on apparatus classes, and new Zumba and Zumbalates classes.

We have a group of highly skilled instructors providing good quality service to all of our clients. We offer prenatal and postnatal classes for expecting or new mothers as well as help with injury recovery, back and knee pain, osteoporosis, scoliosis, weight loss, and muscle toning.